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Honeywood Owner Ouita Michel on Top Chef Kentucky

honeywood: ouita michel posing for the camera

outside picture of honeywood in the winterEven with all the excitement of opening Zim’s Cafe, Ouita Michel has something else to celebrate. The Honeywood owner will be on the upcoming season of Top Chef Kentucky.

It has always been Ouita’s passion and priority to serve food from local vendors. “For me, while studying French and Italian cuisine, I realized they use local agricultural artisan products in their food. And that’s why it’s so good. That’s why from the beginning of wanting to be a chef, I’ve committed to supporting local agriculture. Buying local is a tradition that we seemed to abandon for a few decades. I love cooking straight from the garden.”

She opened Honeywood in May of 2017 in the shopping center of inside picture of honeywood in summit at fritz farmThe Summit at Fritz Farm. The menu has a very traditional American taste with a casual atmosphere.

Ouita Michel is also the owner of Wallace Station in Midway, Holly Hill Inn, The Midway Bakery, and Smithtown in The Summit. Just to name a few.


Season 16 of Top Chef begins on Thursday, December 6 at 9 pm on Bravo. Watch parties are planned at West Sixth Brewing and Creaux.

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