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What happened to LaRosa’s Nicholasville?

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Photo by Megan McCardwell/SG

LaRosa’s Nicholasville was met with enthusiasm when it opened in March
2021. “The people of Nicholasville really welcomed us warmly,” says Gary Holland, of franchise operator, One Holland Corporation. “Unfortunately, over time,” he adds, “sales never quite met expectations.”
LaRosa’s Nicholasville at Brannon Crossing closed on April 3, 2022 and will be converted to a First Watch by late summer.
“We truly appreciate all of our Brannon Crossing team members and can’t thank them enough for their dedication to serving our Guests. We’ve offered them positions at area LaRosa’s or at other nearby restaurants that we operate,” Holland said. “We’d like to thank our Nicholasville guests and invite them to visit our other area locations.”
LaRosa’s Gift Cards purchased at Brannon Crossing can be redeemed at any LaRosa’s pizzeria.
“As disappointed as we are about closing LaRosa’s Nicholasville, we are extremely excited to offer a First Watch to our friends in Nicholasville,” Holland continued.