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What’s In Store For Shillito Park Playground?

picture of shillito park, a wooden playground

What is happening to Shillito Park playground? Is something wrong with the playground? Are they going to rebuild or just tear down?

rendering of the new shillito park 9th District Councilmember Jennifer Mossotti has plans for the Shillito Park Playground. “Shillito Park playground was built in 1993 and has faithfully served our community, providing 25 years of fun and play.” Mossotti said in her recent newsletter.

The plan is to redesign and revitalize the aged playground. Construction for the new playground is set to start in the spring and be open in the summer of this year. Playgrounds by Leathers and Element Design has been chosen to create the new playground. For those of you who don’t now, Playgrounds by Leathers is the company that built the original playground in 1993.

According to Marc Leathers, President of the playground design company, he said “While the City had done a good job of maintaining the wooden structure, there were many minor maintenance and safety compliance issues.”

The wooden structure had a 20 year life expectancy and over time has rotted and severely splintered. Some equipment has had to be removed for safety issues.rendering of the new shillito park

Instead of using wood like they did the first time, they are choosing to use recycled plastics to build this new playground. With the different material, the structure will require very little maintenance compared to the wooden structure.

“The City’s Division of Parks & Recreation teamed up with Leathers and Element Design to create the design for the new playground, incorporating extensive feedback from the community.” explained councilmember Mossotti in her newsletter.

You can get the full story at Councilmember Jennifer Mossotti’s newsletter.


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