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Water + Oak Hosts a Popular Sports Radio Show

water + oak store front
Photo by Megan McCardwell/ SG

What radio show was broadcasting out of Water + Oak? Were people allowed to watch? What exactly did they do for the show?

Water + Oak, located in The Summit by J. Alexander, was the host of the very popular radio show, KSR (Kentucky Sports Radio). The hosts Matt Jones, Ryan Lemond, and Drew Franklin were all in attendance at the outdoors store for their Friday broadcast.

Sports Show: bingo sheet on a wooden table
Photo by Claire Ramsay/ SG

There were around 40 people in attendance ready to listen to every word the boys said. Water + Oak wanted to make things interesting for the audience, so they decided to make BINGO sheets for everyone. Each square had a slogan or saying that the boys would always use. For example: “Matt says ‘appreciate the call'” or “one of the boys says ‘sophomore Nick Richards'” or “One of the boys says ‘Water + Oak'”. Matt even said “Out of all the businesses we’ve broadcasted from, nobody has done a game with the audience.”

Like always, the trio gave stats and facts about the world of sports. Of course mostly talking about UK sports, but bringing up information about the NBA and the world of the NCAA. They took calls like normal and answered all the questions callers had or gave their two cents on the opinions given.

Sports Show: honeywood menu with a tray of small pancakes
Photo by Claire Ramsay/ SG

Food was provided by the folks at Honeywood, also located in The Summit. They created a buffet full of yummy treats with biscuit sandwiches, hush-puppies, and other delicious items.

The two hour show was entertaining and full of sports information. Audience members had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Sports Radio: three guys with headphones on broadcasting a radio show with blue and black sweatshirts
Photo by Claire Ramsay/ SG


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