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Is UK Dining Getting A New Restaurant?

uk dining: a bowl with noodles and chop sticks on top

Has the University of Kentucky just gotten a new restaurant on campus? If so, what is it? The new restaurant coming to UK Dining is Atomic Ramen.

a man in a gray shirt that says atomic ramen smiling at the camera with a hat onDan Wu has posted on the official Atomic Ramen Facebook that they have in fact opened a restaurant on UK’s campus. “Hey look, we’re doing a thing! Atomic Ramen is now at UK Dining, come see us kids!”

The comments on the post are ones with excitement and students are ready for Atomic Ramen to be on campus. His UK location is in The 90 within the Fresh Food Company.

In 2017, Dan opened Atomic Ramen in The Barn at The Summit at Fritz Farm. With his cuisine being ramen noodle inspired, what better place to open shop than on a college campus. Congratulations Dan on your expansion.


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