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Treat yourself to some TLC at Hand & Stone Massage

Between work, errands, the gym, and trying to keep an active social life, things can get a little chaotic. Sometimes you need to take time for yourself and give your body some tender loving care.

Massages are great for relaxation. There are many benefits from getting a massage. It reduces your stress, relaxes muscles and relieves pain, it can improve circulation and mobility, and enhances overall good health.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa opened in The Summit at Fritz Farm in September. They offer multiple options for massages, signature facials, and hair removal services.

One special massage Hand & Stone offers is a signature hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. They use warm salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and tension, and promote an increased sense of well being. Additionally, the stone’s natural salt properties gently exfoliate the skin to promote naturally smooth and silky skin, reducing signs of aging.

Walking into Hand & Stone you’re greeted by friendly faces, the smell of essential oils, and the soothing sounds from their signature water feature.

After filling out a quick questionnaire about medical history and physical injuries or conditions, you’re taken back to a massage room. When you walk in, each room is dimly lit with music playing in the background, a heated massage table with a plush blanket sits in the middle of the room – very cozy.

You’ll then have a consultation with a Registered Massage Therapist or Esthetician and review your information, including current conditions that might affect treatment or if there is a specific area or challenge upon which you’d like to be focused on.

After the massage, your muscles feel refreshed and loose and you feel a burst of energy.

If you’re looking to refresh and relax more than once in a blue moon, Hand & Stone offers a “Lifestyle Program” which provides members with an hour massage or facial once a month. Additional benefits include special discounts and chances for spa upgrades.

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