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New art program coming to Lexington

Art: gray Traffic Box at an intersection

There is a new art program coming to Lexington to make the community beautiful. How can someone participate? What exactly is this program?

Art: a traffic signal box painted with a mural
Artwork painted by Olivia Waltz

The Artistic Traffic Box Wrap program allows citizens and groups to propose artwork that will be turned into a wrap and placed at a specific intersection, adding to Lexington’s public art projects. The proposing individual or group is responsible for funding the wrap and installation.

Lexington has approximately 400 traffic signal boxes. Typically, the signal box is a nondescript gray metal box.

The wrap can cover the entire box or a limited number of sides. Artists must apply and art must be approved by the Urban County Arts Review Board before installation. A permit from KYDOT is required for wraps located along state routes.

Email SafeStreets@LexingtonKY.gov with questions or find more information at https://www.lexingtonky.gov/ArtBox.

Pictures are courtesy of the Indianapolis program that inspired Lexington.

Art: gray Traffic Box at an intersection



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