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Meet 46Solutions in Lexington Green


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Meet 46Solutions in Lexington Green

If your staff has spent the last year zooming in their pajamas in front of a poorly-lit poster of a bookshelf, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Chances are, if you’ve experienced a technology problem at your home or office (and who hasn’t?), 46Solutions could’ve solved it for you.

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The past year has been one of challenges, both at home and at work, and 46solutions is in the right place at the right time. Need a studio space and all the technology that goes with hosting a virtual conference? They can help. Want to enhance your meetings with a smart space that can provide a collaborative experience for both the remote and in-person participants? They have you covered.

Look no further than their new state of the art showroom in Lexington Green when you’re in search of managed IT services, cybersecurity, audio and video integration, outdoor entertainment, and media rooms.

Crystal Newton, of 46Solutions explains, “If you are a business owner and you’re also the ‘IT guy,’ we have the solution for you. If you work for a medical practice and you don’t know if your digital footprint is HIPAA compliant, we have the solution for you. If your home wifi is choppy and slow, we have the solution for you.” To do that, they rely on what she describes as “250 years of combined experience with technology, in addition to some of the most creative technicians I’ve ever seen.”

“We truly provide solutions,” she says, “from business technology issues to the homeowner who doesn’t know what to do with their basement now that the kids have moved out,”

New to the neighborhood, 46Solutions recently unveiled their premier audio/video showroom in Lexington Green. The new space allows the company to develop creative audio and video options for home and business owners.

“Our showroom is a platform for our experienced AV team to introduce and demonstrate creative, exciting possibilities for your indoor and outdoor home entertainment.”

The team loves their new home in the heart of south Lexington. “Lexington Green is not only a great source of foot traffic, but the neighbors have been so welcoming.” Newton adds, “And you can’t beat the parking.”


You may have 99 problems, but technology doesn’t have to be one. Managed IT services involve a business outsourcing their daily IT functions to a third party provider, such as 46Solutions. “If your computer freezes, your wireless printer isn’t printing, or your second computer monitor doesn’t extend,” Newton explains, “instead of calling the boss or a co-worker for help, you’d call our helpdesk.”

As for business trends? Those have drastically changed as more people shift to work from home and as virtual meetings continue to be the forefront of team collaboration.

“Having a business continuity plan is something that we’ve assisted customers with, which is team collaboration and shared file storage,” Newton says. “It’s the ability to continue working without downtime if you have a catastrophic event, like a pandemic.”

What Newton describes as the “sexy part of our technology company” is their audio and video integration. Their corporate audio/video options are endless—from conference room enhancements like interactive displays and projectors, to video wall displays for menu boards at restaurants, or business lobby areas and offices.

The scary part of owning any business is the fact that hacking is easy, but cybersecurity isn’t. “Hacking is literally a full time job for some people,” Newton says. “Cyber attacks occur every 14 seconds, and Kentucky businesses are hacked every day, but they go unreported in the media.” She continues, “Notice how you only hear about the larger companies and the thousands of people potentially affected? You don’t hear about the small business downtown that lost its client base after it couldn’t pay the hacker’s ransom. But it happens.” 46Solutions’ cybersecurity infrastructure includes multiple layers of protection dispersed throughout a company’s internet devices, programs, and networks.”


If ever there was a year to splurge on your home technology set-up, this is the one.

“Home theaters and outdoor entertainment are all the buzz right now,” Newton says. “We expect to see more customers request backyard, patio and pool options as spring and summer arrive.” 46Solutions can provide televisions that are all-weatherproof, and able to withstand extreme cold and heat, and do so even when displayed in direct sunlight.

Newton pleads, “Please don’t use a white wall,” explaining that a high resolution projector, surround sound, and LED lighting will create a space in your home that is hard to leave.

They’ll even help connect all your devices with one remote and customize it to your phone — you’ll be able to work, and play, from home, seamlessly.

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