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Joseph-Beth Booksellers hires new CEO

On September 7, Joseph-Beth Booksellers’ longtime president and CEO Mark Wilson lost his job after 12 years with the company.

Joseph-Beth opened in Lexington Green in 1986, and was purchased by Langley Properties in a bankruptcy auction in 2011, and gained control of the three remaining stores in the bookstore chain. Langley Properties owns Lexington Green.

Joseph-Beth has since hired a new CEO, Adam Miller. Miller states that the bookstore will begin making changes and expanding their digital presence.

Miller has suggested a new strategy that includes e-commerce and a mobile app for Joseph-Beth. He has noted that the bookstore’s strength is in-store customer experience, and wants to create a synergy with Joseph-Beth’s online presence.

Miller also plans to incorporate new in-store technologies and perks to improve the in-person book-buying experience, but still keeping the ambiance with it’s overstuffed chairs, fireplaces and cozy reading nooks.

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