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Inaugural Ceremony for Newly Elected Mayor and City Councilmembers

linda gorton taking her oath as mayor at the inaugural ceremony
Photo by Austin Johnson/ SG

The Mayoral and Councilmember Inaugural Ceremony took place on Sunday, January 6 at the UK Gatton Student Center. Honorable Ernesto Scorsone, Fayette Circuit Judge, swore in the newly elected Mayor, Linda Gorton.

linda gorton taking her oath as mayor at the inaugural ceremony
Photo by Austin Johnson/ SG

Many present and past members of the Lexington and Kentucky Government were in attendance. Attorney General Andy Beshear, U.S. Rep Andy Barr, and three former Lexington Mayor’s.

After giving her Oath of Office, Mayor Gorton was introduced by a longtime friend and former colleague, Ann Garrity. The theme for Gorton’s speech is “dream big Lexington.” She does understand it will be difficult when it comes to the budget and dreaming big. “It won’t all be easy,” she said. “For the next few years we’re projecting city budgets will be really tight.” However, even with a tight budget Gorton and the councilmembers are determined to make Lexington an even better and safer city.

Vice Mayor Steve Kay was introduced by former Vice Mayor Isabel Yates. Along with the councilmembers, Vice Mayor Kay was sworn in by the Honorable Ernesto Scorsone, Fayette Circuit Judge.


4th District Councilmember is Susan Lamb.

susan lamb at the inaugural ceremony
Photo by Austin Johnson/Summit Guide

Susan grew up in the small town of Bagdad, Kentucky. Growing up on a farm gave her a strong work ethic. In 1986, she was given the opportunity to work in Mayor Scotty Baesler’s Office of Economic Development. She worked with the Urban County Community Development Corporation, Industrial Revenue Bonds Committee, Lexington United, Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency, and assisted with Lexington’s Enterprise Zone. She learned the importance of bringing businesses to Lexington.

Susan spent over 20 years in the Council Clerk’s Office, serving first as the Deputy Council Clerk. She quickly learned the importance of this office and its value to Lexington and the Urban County Government. She coordinated the transformation of a state-of-the-art government records center, the implementation of video streaming of all meetings of the Council, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment, and worked to start the city’s legislative management system, which gives the public access to all information they would need regarding legislative action.


9th District Councilmember is Jennifer Mossotti.

Photo by Megan McCardwell/ SG

Councilmember Mossotti represents the 9th Council District of Lexington which is comprised of a portion of Clemens Heights/Clemens Grove, and Copper Run, Copperfield, Higbee Mill, Magnolia Run, Monticello, Pickway Corner, Pinnacle, Plantation, Robinwood, Southpoint, Stone Creek, Stonewall Community, Stonewall Equestrian, Wellington, Willow Bend, Willow Oak, Wyndham Downs, Wyndham Meadows, and Wyndham Ridge neighborhoods.

In addition, the 9th District includes Jessie Clark Middle School, Stonewall Elementary, Wellington Elementary, Shillito Park, Wellington Park, Stonewall Park, Higbee Mill Park, Clemens Park, Southpoint Park, Waverly Park, Waveland Museum, Fayette Mall, and Fire Station #15.

Councilmember Mossotti welcomes the opportunity to speak at neighborhoods meetings, school activities, and community events.


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