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Good Foods Co-op helps you eat local, eat better


Eat Local, Eat Better

with Good Foods Co-op

After slogging through the trials of 2020, many of us may be wondering “what can I do that’s better for my health, my planet, and my community?” Believe it or not, the food you eat can have a big impact on all of those things.

No food can offer more nutrition than something fresh. Fruits and veggies harvested from your garden or from the farm down the road are packed with a ton of beneficial micronutrients that are lost every moment they’re no longer in the ground or on the vine/tree/stalk. If you aren’t blessed with a green thumb, shopping local is the next best option for supplying your family with the best nutrition.

Not only does the short trip from the farm to the shelves at Good Foods Co-op preserve the nutrient-density of your foods, that short trip also helps the planet by preventing the unnecessary use of fossil fuels to transport your food from hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. Many suppliers of Good Foods Co-op are located within Central Kentucky, and all foods marked as “local” come from within the state of Kentucky. Talk about keepin’ it close!

Beyond avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, shopping local at Good Foods Co-op also helps the Earth by supporting sustainable farming practices. Methods like organic farming, pasture-raising livestock and regenerative agriculture help maintain the health of the soil as it’s farmed, rather than stripping away all of its nutrients and making it unusable for many seasons. Farmland covered in plants, vegetation and healthy soil is actually able to capture harmful greenhouse gases and take them out of the atmosphere.

When a grocery store and cafe is owned by nearly 9,000 of your neighbors, you can be sure it’s giving back to the community that it serves. Good Foods Co-op not only works with over 130 Kentucky Proud farmers and producers, they also donate to a host of food-focused and community-minded nonprofit organizations. One of the Co-op’s guiding values is providing access to healthy food for all, so not only do they accept EBT/Snap, they also take part in the Kentucky Double Dollars program, donate food to Glean Kentucky, and offer a variety of discount programs, so bringing home fresh, organic and local food is affordable for all budgets.

If you’re looking for something better, try out Good Foods Co-op, where shopping local benefits everyone!

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